Wellingborough Is Home To Many Personalities

Published: 26th May 2011
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Boroughs are always fascinating places where people can find things they wouldn’t dream about. A village or small town that is both a borough and a market place will always draw everyone’s attention. So, if you love boroughs or market towns, you’re in luck. Wellinborough is both a market town and a borough located in Northamptonshire, 11 miles from Northampton. Bordering the north side of the River Nene and spreading over the flanks of the hills situated just above the flood plain there, Wellinborough was born in the early sixth century, when a Saxon leader founded it and gave it the name of "Wendelingburgh". The year 1201 brought Wellingborough a royal market charter.

Because of the frequent flooding episodes, the town is now mostly built above the level of the flood plain, and it is home of over 70,000 people, according to the 2001 census. Nevertheless, over 12,800 homes are to be built in the east of the town and thus grow by 30 percent, under the Milton Keynes South Midlands study.

Wellingborough impresses with its five wells: Witche's Well, Lady's Well, Red Well, Whyte Well and Hemming Well. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the town provides visitors and locals altogether wonderful sights through its well-preserved old buildings, such as the All Hallows Chruch, which is the oldest existing building in Wellingborough, dating back from c. 1160. The west tower of the church has been splendidly crowned with a delightful broach spire that rises to 160 feet; added to the tower back in 1270.

The train station in Wellinborough has a beautiful architecture, and the Jacobean Croyland 'Abbey' used to house a modest monastic grange, which played the role of an offshoot of the larger monastery of Croyland Abbey.

This exquisite town is also home for no less than 14 primary schools, the Tresham College of Further and Higher Education and the University of Northampton in Northampton. The town has plenty of shopping centers such as the Swansgate Shopping Centre; Wellinborough also has several important landmarks; the railway station is one of them, being a Grade II Listed building. The Grade I listed steeple that forms part of All Hallows Church is 600 year old and it is another town asset, while the Three Silver Ladies’ sculpture is an impressive piece of art that blends in local Roman history, the townspeople and the river, the most significant elements of Wellingborough.

Wellinborough is also home of a lot of celebs like former world champion snooker player Peter Ebdon, and Sir David Frost, OBE broadcaster, journalist and writer Jim Murray or famous football player Bill Perkins, to name just a few of the personalities that are somehow related to Wellinborough.

All in all, Wellinborough is a wonderful place to visit or live in, as there are a remarkably large number of monuments or old remains and even well-preserved old buildings that still feature their amazing architectures throughout the scenery. Plus, the continuous development of this market town and borrow promises to turn the settlement into an even more attractive one.

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