Published: 18th May 2011
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Clacton-on-Sea is located in Essex, on what is known as the Tendring Peninsula and is the largest town in the area. It was established in 1871 and is a seaside resort. Over the years it has attracted many visitors during the summer months, particularly during the 50's, 60's and 70's however much like other seaside resorts in Britain it went into decline as a holiday spot when going abroad for holidays became more affordable. It has seen a steady improvement in the last few years though and is a bright and vibrant place to visit, especially during the summer months. It is also a popular retirement destination.

Clacton was the location for the flint tool manufacturing industry during ancient times. It was named Great Clacton by the Celtic people around 100 BC. There are also some remnants from when the Romans spent some time in this area. The name of the resort dates back to 500 AD when the Saxons settled in the area. Claccingaton was the original name which meant the town of Clacc people.' Records of the town can be found in the Domesday Book, where it was called 'Clachintuna'.

The area as it is known today was founded in the year 1871 by Peter Bruff who established it as a seaside resort. Clacton's industry consisted mainly of farming prior to the Industrial Revolution. Gradually the industrial revolution spread all over the country and the farming equipment in Clacton became obsolete. In 1867 the windmill was replaced with a mill powered by steam and in 1918 the windmill was demolished. Today, the primary industrial area in Clacton can be found in the northeast; the Oakwood Business Park and the Gorse Lane Estate have a wide range of industrial units and businesses.

Clacton also has a strong sporting history and has a football team which are named FC Clacton as well as a cricket club. The football team often play games in the Rush Green Bowl.

The Clacton Pier was one of the very first buildings constructed for the seaside resort. When it opened on the 27th of July of 1871 it was 4 yards wide and 160 yards long. It was originally constructed as a landing and departure point for both passengers and goods. However the resort became more and more popular for day trip visits and so in the year 1893 the pier was elongated to 360 metres and a number of entertainments facilities were also created. It was then bought by a man named Ernest Kingsman in 1922 and stayed in that family until the year 1971.

In 2009 the Clacton Pier company bought the pier and installed an impressively high helter skelter which is 50ft tall. The area today has lots of sandy beaches, water sports, a fun-fair and amusements, as well as numerous pubs, restaurants, cafes and clubs. The Clacton Carnival is held every summer and raises money for charity through a variety of events such as colourfully decorated national and local floats, majorettes, marching bands and lots more besides.

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