Published: 07th June 2011
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Old times and past eras have left several parishes behind in England, and their beauty can never be truly measured with words. The amazing preservation over the last hundred years and the peculiarities of each and every one of these parishes are the main points of attraction for tourists, visitors and residents. Arlesey makes no exception, as this civil parish is also a town centering its economical nucleus on industry.

Located in the district of Central Bedfordshire, in Bedfordshire, Arlesey is bordered by Hertfordshire and Letchworth Garden City in the northwest, Hitchin in the north and Biggleswade in the south.

As for its name origins, Arlesey has been mentioned in the Domesady Book as being a market town, and the peculiarity of the old town was the fact that its residents considered Arlesey as the longest town in Britain. The town has continued to keep its charm over the centuries, and the St Peter’s Church that is still standing, ever since the 11th century is living proof of this statement. The impressively well-preserved church is situated in the Church End part of Arlesey, and you can still notice the magnificent craftsmanship of the monks of Walthan Abbey in all of its details. Another amazing construction that was part of Arlesey for a long time is the Etonbury Castel, but, unfortunately, its remains have left little for the eye to see. Moreover, the Gothic Mede Lower School is another old construction that has preserved itself through the years and it now hosts around 200 pupils ages 5 to 9. There is an additional adjoining Arlesey Nursery School for younger children also.

Arlesey’ residents can also be proud with their Arlesey Old Moat and Glebe Meadows nature reserves, which are located in the northern part of the town. As for the main occupations of the old residents here, they were known to work at the Fairfield Hospital, which is now housing, while the rest of the residents spent their days working as brickworkers. The Arlesey Whites brick factory is no stranger to construction workers, and most houses in Arlesey have actually been constructed with the help of these Arlesey White bricks. The clay pits that the brickworkers used to make clay in have been transformed into lakes today, and the Blue Lagoon is part of the Portland Cement Company chalk pits. This private lake is great for fishing and for hosting sailing clubs and competitions. A historical detail that is worth mentioning in regards to these chalk pits is the fact that Arlesey Bomb fishing weight was created by Dick Walker, an angler who was fascinated with catching specimen perch from the local chalk pits in Arlesey.

It would seem that the old parish has given birth to a lot of professional football players, as Roland Legate, Bill Kitchener, Pat Kruse or David Kitson are just some of the names of famous player who played at teams such as West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur or Stoke City.

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