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Published: 02nd June 2011
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There is always something intriguing and highly interesting about old monasteries, abbots and parishes, and Old England had them all, spread all over its old boundaries and lands. There are plenty of parishes and remains left these days, and they all make the same strong statement: England has a vast and interesting history one should be familiar with.

The English county of Hertfordshire is home for many villages, and Abbots Langley is one of the large ones; both a village and a parish, the old settlement once known under the name of “Langelai” according to the Domesday Book, Abbots Langley is an old part of the Watford Rural District.

Today it is part of the Three Rivers district, and its long and impressive history of human traces being discovered there by many renowned archaeologists turn it into an even more exciting place to visit or even move to. The great placement of the village on a saucer of clay covered by a layer of gravel has never created any water problems for the residents; on the contrary, the location of the village is perfect. As a matter of fact, historians have proven that people here used to get their water from a well just 20 feet deep.

Some of the most prominent and important figures of people who have lived in Abbots Langley include Pope Adrian IV, who was the only Englishman who ever became a Pope. This is why several roads have been named after him: Pope, Breakspear or Adrian. Professional football player Manuel Almunia, Capital Radio DJ Chris Brooks, the first Marquess of Salisbury, James Cecil, explorer and journalist Violet Cressy-Marcks, George Turnbull, the first railway engineer of India are also important people who have been either born here or who lived here at a certain point of their lives.

Abbots Langley also features a lot of local football teams, so the small village is as lively as ever. There is always a strong connection between football teams and small villages: there’s a lot of cheering up to be done, a lot of village gatherings and a lot of fun and exciting moments all the villagers choose to live together. This is also happening in Abbots Langley.

Plus, the Katherine Place development has set ground for numerous high class retailers who came to the village. Another high interest point of Abbots Langley is the Leavesden Film Studio, located on the former Rolls-Royce airfield. This is the actual place where scenes from Harry Potter, Goldeneye and Sleepy Hollow were filmed.

Abbots Langley is therefore a truly interesting place to visit, and, why not, move to. We all need to find a place where we can spend quiet winters or vivid summers, and Abbots Langley seems to have it all: exciting points of interest, splendid views, great preserved buildings and a lot of interesting and famous people whose essences can still be felt. So you have all the reasons in the world to go there and enjoy the view, enjoy the places and the people and fill your heart with a lot of wonderful memories.

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